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Nime (2007) is an interactive information program using Processing to show a new type of “Time” expression.


2007 in Risd Digital+Media Master Program



Even though time is a human defined notion, we have a tendency to think time is an absolute concept. The simplest division of time will be into two parts, a day time and a night time. However, in medieval times, they had seven divisions in one day. Today we have 24 divisions. We can easily find the origin of divisions in time; they are from the relationship between the sun and the Earth.



Using Processing programming environment, I placed, in a three dimensional space, one sphere representing the Earth and one arrow as the sunshine. When the Earth rotates, the time of each of the cities on the Earth will be changed automatically. Depending on the position of the mouse, the speed of the Earth’s rotation changes. If you move your mouse to the left the rotating speed will slow down, and to the right time will move faster. If you click the left mouse button, the time zones change from two divisions to 24 divisions in three steps. I created this system to show the actual meaning of time: one specific place on the Earth, in relation to the Earth and the sunshine.

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