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Movie Clip



Novie (2007) is the physical interactive installation project for making a new type of movie using an augmented reality.


2007 in Risd Digital+Media Master Program


I designed this new type of media to apply digital media to traditional media, Movie.


Augmented reality is one kind of computer graphic technique in the virtual reality spectrum. People are adding computer generated three-dimensional virtual models into the actual video input source in real time. Consequently the real image is merged with three-dimensional models in one frame. Those frames literally look like an “augmented” reality because of the computer graphics. My choice was the marker based augmented reality. Using the pattern analysis in graphic elements, a computer calculates the exact position where the model should be located and the exact angle to which the model should be rotated. I placed four markers to create a pedestal with one character from the computer graphics to the actual video camera input. Characters are acting in the augmented environment, and the audience can navigate that scene through the movable interface. Using their body movements, the audience can navigate inside of one scene like a camera man in the movie producing process.

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